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Digital Water Walls

Digital Water Walls are computer-controlled water features that are pre-programmed to display graphics and text with water.

digital water wall


Graphics and text are entered into the software technology and calculated in the system to produce free-falling water in the corresponding figures.We offer both straight and curved Digital Water Walls so there is a variety of possibilities for staging.

digital water wall
Solenoid Valves


The graphics and text radiate on the cascading water that comes from hundreds of small, high speed solenoid valves flicking on and off.


Colour-changing RGB LED lights are integrated into the upper manifold to shine light on the flowing water and enrich the text and images.

water wall
water wall


You can use multiple pre-set programs that are stored in a remote control center connected to the Digital Water Wall to showcase countless of patterns containing your graphics and text. Once it reaches the end of the program, it will start over at the beginning and continue to loop the program until you want it to stop.


The construction of the Digital Water Wall is made up of an attractive, high quality 304 stainless steel with many benefits. These include good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, and mechanical properties and strength for low temperatures.

stainless steel

Digital Water Walls can be used to bring an invigorating and contemporary feel to many environments. The unique combination of water, light, and sound allows the walls to shine and liven up any location they are put in. Some applications of Digital Water Walls include:

  • Lobbies of large establishments like hotels, condominiums, and offices.

  • Landscape advertising media for product releases and exhibitions.

  • Information announcement/education in commercial squares, stations, and pedestrian streets.

  • Enhancement of health care centres, beauty centres, and entertainment sites.

  • Water landscapes in garden centres/squares.

  • Stage backgrounds and curved Digital Water Walls with performers.

  • Venues for concerts, conferences, sports events, or weddings.

Digital Water Wall

Digital Water Wall

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