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Digital Bubble Walls

The illuminated Digital Bubble Walls maintain a consistent flow of bubbles which adds ambiance and style to any establishment. 


Digital Bubble Walls are water features with clear acrylic panels that showcase mesmerizing bubbles in illuminated water. The bubbles are pumped through individual sections within the panels by an injector. A Digital Bubble Wall differs from a traditional bubble wall by being able to control the individual sections separately. This allows for customization and variety in the bubbles that provides patterns that a traditional bubble wall cannot. As a result, ambiance and style are enhanced in a display that’s sure to capture anyone’s attention.


Digital Bubble Walls can be specially designed to suit any room’s specifications. You can decide on freestanding or mounted units, and can choose customizable, high intensity LED lighting with colour changing options. 

bubble wall
bubble wall


There are many options for decorative covers, which can be finished with acrylic panels, stainless steel, customized wood trim, and more. 


They can also be designed to be functional. Increase the practicality of Digital Bubble Walls by adding shelving that can be used to display products or décor, or by using it as a room divider.

bubble wall

Our acrylic panels are manufactured using only high quality material, and all of our units are assembled by hand to create beautiful products that enhance the atmosphere of your environment.

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Digital Bubble Wall

Digital Bubble Wall

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